Tagging Clips with Hashtags and @Friends can be a very efficient way to send your friends a notification of your latest uploaded clip via medal. Hashtags are used to give you a better idea of what’s happening inside the thousands of gaming communities on Medal. Want to discover new games on Roblox or discover some of the top 100 players on Rocket League? You can use hashtags for that too! As you navigate through games on Medal, you’ll find that the hashtags change based on how you browse.  

Option 1: Adding tags via your gallery menu. This will provide your clips with more exposure on the platform. Click on the clip in the preview menu in your gallery tab and continue forward toward adding your tags.

Option 2: Adding tags to uploads. Hold down the clip to select the clip you want to trim and upload click on Next. This will take you to a menu that will give you the option to trim the clip and add mentions and tags. Drag the slider to trim clips and click on Post. It will then open the clip description and tagging

Once you added the tags to your videos will notify your friends and show up on the #[any tag you choose] feeds.