After you finish taking a clip with Medal, you will want to upload your awesome clip for others to see! We have a guide on how to do this here.

Upload From the Clip Editor

After you have taken a clip, you will most likely want to open it through your Clip Library. This will open the clip in our Editor, allowing you to add music, text, and gifs to your clips!

After you are done, there will be an option to Upload your clip. Click on the Upload button, and your clip will be shared to your profile!

This is also where you would choose whether you want your clip to be Public or Unlisted. If it is Public, everyone will be able to see it. If it is Unlisted, only people with the link can view the clip. 

Upload from the Clip Library

You can also upload directly from the Clip Library. On your clip preview, there will be a Start Upload button towards the bottom. Click on that to upload your selected clip!

Upload Multiple Clips

If you are wanting to upload multiple clips at once, there are a couple of options to do this. One way is to click on the Free Up Space icon in the top right of the Desktop app.
This will open a new window showing all of your clips. You can select the clips by clicking on the white circle in the top left corner. A new banner will appear on the bottom asking what you would like to do with the clips. In the action box, you will want to select Upload Clips followed by Continue To Upload. 

How to Select Multiple Clips

You can also select multiple clips in the Clip Library by clicking on the white circle in the top left corner of the clip preview. An action banner will appear at the bottom and you will want to select Upload Clips. 

And that's it, those are all the ways to upload clips! If you are still having trouble uploading clips, please contact Support.